Triumph Over Tragedy

Barbi Jolliffe

Life Coach


“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

Welcome to Triumph over Tragedy’s Coaching program. If you are a survivor of trauma or if your loved one has suffered a trauma this program will help you. It will teach you self help tools to help move through the pain of the trauma and live a happy and joy filled life.


Here is what you will learn with my course:


Module 1: Marinate

Are you allowing yourself and your family the time to adjust to this trauma? I will work with you on how this shock has taken over your life.


Module 2: Frozen with Guilt

I will help you deal with the guilt you are feeling. I will teach you ways to put that behind you.


Module 3: Self Care How is your self care?

I will teach you ways to keep your self care up and still take care of everything else.


Module 4: Triggers

I will help you learn tools to tame your major triggers and your everyday triggers too.


Module 5: Addictions

Are you or your loved on struggling with addictions? Addictions after abuse show up in many way. I will help you with ways to get help and get through these.


Module 6: Releasing the Pain

I will help you release the pain and trauma. This is a very powerful module


Module 7: Confidence

I will help you build your confidence and achieve things in life you always wanted


Module 8: Finding Joy and Happiness

What does that look like to you now? - This is a free download


Module 9: Your Focus

How are you seeing the world? What beliefs are you still holding on too?


Module 10: Breakdown to Breakthrough

Where are you in life now. It helps to write out your story.


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