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Has someone you love ever been sexually abused?

Have you or someone you loved suffered trauma?

Are you so hurt, angry and consumed with guilt that you feel like you can not go on?

Do you feel stuck and frozen? Are you overwhelmed ?


I can help you find the strength within yourself again.


I can help you find your balance and find your happiness again.



Triumph Over Tragedy

Coaching Program




Triumph Over Tragedy


Has someone you love been sexually abused?

Are you struggling with Trauma?

Is your family struggling to heal, find happiness and thrive again?


I can show you how to push forward and let go of the guilt and stress that are holding you back.

I realized my journey was my destination after sexual abuse almost destroyed my own family. I was determined we would overcome, thrive and be happy again and in doing so discovered my passion to help others achieve the same. As a Certified Life Coach I am committed to helping women and families heal and triumph after tragedy.


I believe everyone can move past the guilt and pain if they have the desire and drive to find happiness and joy in their lives again!


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About Barbi Jolliffe


Barbi Jolliffe is a Certified Life Coach, author and speaker who specializes in helping men, women, teens and children recover from trauma, overcome hardships and triumph over tragedies. This includes abuse, rape, ptsd, anxiety, family issues, parenting and more.


Barbi is the mother of 5, 2 being her sons who experienced abuse at the hands of clergy. She is also the grandmother of 3.


While healing her family she discovered her passion for helping other survivors and their loved ones hear and has dedicated her purpose to it.


Barbi has studied personal growth,development and healing for over 30 years, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, Doreen Virtue, Leo Buscaglia and many more. She has studied life coaching, personal development, confidence, success, healing, and more with Kim Somers Egelsee for over 5 years, and has been an ongoing member of several powerful mastermind groups. She is a featured speaker in Stepping Into Peace and Positive Power Seminar 2016 and 2017. Barbi is the co-author of The Zoe Life Devotional 2016, where she shares her stories of triumph over hardships, and coming out fulfilled and thriving.


Barbi Jolliffe has studied Child Development for over 25 years working in various facets of education, youth groups, parent groups, large fundraisers and also in mentoring parents. She has been a regular speaker for WiC and has encouraged hundreds of moms at various events. She has coached and mentored young moms for many years at various non profits.


Family, friends, the ocean and the arts have always been very important to Barbi. Barbi loves spending time with her grandkids, cooking, yoga and supporting her son’s thriving music career.




"Barbi Jolliffe is a very knowledgeable coach. She has helped me tremendously in dealing with major family disfunction rooting from a broken childhood, to codependency issues , boundaries with family as an adult, and how to be a great mother to my 11 year old now . Barbi is a straight to the point woman who specializes in family, and much more ! I highly recommend barbi as a coach . I have been much more successful using Barbi as a coach than years upon years and thousands of dollars and therapy sessions! Wish I knew about her sooner!"

Kimberly B.

"As a wife and mother with two young children with complex diseases; working with Barbi has been lifesaving. Thank you Barbi for so many of the things you have taught me. And for helping me glide through these past few years. Your Support and Dedication to my family is always so selfless and always coming from the heart. I am Forever grateful to have you to reach out to when I have needed So Many Suggestions and Support. Barbi is an Incredible coach and an Amazing Mom and Professional to have on my side.   Thank you for Everything."

Jaclyn T.

"Barbi Jolliffe is an authentic and gifted coach, who focuses on each person in a heart centered way, and  gives excellent helpful tools, wisdom and knowledge on causes and solutions to a huge variety of life and emotional issues and situations

I highly recommend her as a coach. "

Kim Somers Egelsee

"When my son was abused, my life was already in crumbles, as I was going through a separation, child custody case and other life issues with a medically complex child. Barbi has been a great lifeline, resource, friend, advocate, shoulder to lean on and coach through all of it. Even though we are 1000's of miles apart and can't meet for cup of coffee and hash out the issues, she's always been there,  even 1am in the morning when I needed. Her kind words were like a gentle hug and her constant positivity and encouragement kept me going. Barbi is so much more than a life coach, she will be your friend and get you through. Thank you so much Barbi."

-Lydia K. - Chicago

"Very rarely does a person like Barbi come into someones like and has such a tremendously positive impact on it. Barbi has the knowledge and skill that have been instrumental in redirecting my son and my life in a completely positive direction. She has formulated a plan that has taken my sons life from poverty, despair and addiction to one of hope in the future.  I will always be grateful to her for the influence she's had on my life. I am at peace that my son is on a  path of being sober and succeeding in life."

Patricia D.

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